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Peaceful assembly in Pakistan

Article 16 of the Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the freedom of assembly but authorisation from the police is required in advance of any assembly. Read more

Association in Pakistan

Domestic organisations can form and register in Pakistan with no major obstacles and the legal framework can be considered generally enabling for civil society. However, international organisations operate in a much more restrictive legal framework. Read more

Pakistan Overview

Human rights defenders work in a hostile environment, where they often face arbitrary arrests, killings, harassment and intimidation by state and non-state actors operating mainly in conflict areas. Read more

Expression in Paraguay

The constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of expression and the press are significantly compromised in practice as well as by law. Read more

Peaceful Assembly in Paraguay

Although it is constitutionally guaranteed, the right to peaceful assembly is limited by laws imposing restrictions on the time and location in which demonstrations can take place. Read more

Association in Paraguay

The Constitution of Paraguay guarantees the freedom of association and no legal restrictions or bans on external funding are in place. Read more

Paraguay Overview

One of the poorest countries in South America, Paraguay was also among the last to transition to democracy. Read more

Expression in Peru

The Peruvian Constitution guarantees freedom of the press, but criminal defamation statutes are systematically used against journalists, and those covering sensitive issues such as corruption, drug trafficking, police abuse and land and mining conflicts are frequently subjected to threats. Read more

Peaceful Assembly in Peru

The Peruvian Constitution guarantees the right to peaceful assembly, specifically stating that gatherings in public spaces do not require prior authorisation but advance notification. When authorities fail to respond, however, requests are deemed to be denied. Read more

Association in Peru

The freedom of association is constitutionally guaranteed. However, funding of CSOs has been increasingly subjected to controls by the Peruvian Agency for International Cooperation, and violence against human rights defenders – especially anti-mining activists – is commonplace. Read more