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Conditions for protest deteriorate in South Korea

The recent death of farmer and activist Baek Nam-gi on 26th September sent shock waves through South Korean and international civil society. The farmer was struck in the head by a water cannon operated by security forces, while participating in a protest that turned violent on 14th November 2015. Read more

Conditions for protest deteriorate in South Korea

Journalist killed as situation for independent media worsens in Jordan

On 25th September journalist Nahed Hattar was shot dead outside a court in Amman. He was facing charges of “offending religion” and “inflaming religious feelings” under Jordan’s blasphemy laws. Read more

Journalist killed as situation for independent media worsens in Jordan

Police use excessive force against Chilean student protests

Protests by Chilean students against education reforms led to fierce clashes with police in the cities of Concepcion, Santiago and Valparaiso. Student leaders condemned authoritarian police practices during protests. Read more

Peasant farmers handed heavy sentences after 2012 protest

On 11 July 2016, 11 campesinos (peasant famers) were found guilty of murder, land invasion and other crimes in relation to the 2012 operation known as the Curuguaty Massacre, in which both campesinos and police officers were killed. Civil society organisations have called attention to flaws in the investigation and trial. Read more

Myanmar mosque ransacked by armed mob and youth conference banned

On 23rd June, a mosque in Bago Province, Rakine State, Myanmar was attacked by over 200 Buddhist extremists. A disagreement over the building of a Muslim school in the area quickly escalated into religious violence, leaving the mosque ransacked and other religious sites badly damaged. In a separate event, a National Ethnic Youth Conference planned for 27 to 30 July was suspended for dubious reasons by authorities. Six hundred young people from across Myanmar had already gathered and were awaiting the start of the conference. Read more

LGBTI organisation faces obstacles to register

Fijian authorities are still delaying the registration of LGBTI organisation Rainbow Pride. Read more

Mexican Police use excessive force against teacher protests

The police used deadly force on protesters in Oaxaca who were marching against educational reforms and the arrest of a union leader. Read more

Legal reforms on court reporting rejected by the President

Lithuania's Pride Parade proceeds without incident, as the President vetoes amendments to the Penal Code Read more

Concern over calls to shut social media during elections

Comments by the head of the police in Ghana that social media could be shut down during November 2016 elections caused concern among civil society. Read more

Mass Arrests and Proposed New Cybercrime Law in Egypt

On 25th April, demonstrations against the government's decision to acknowledge Saudi Arabia's sovereignty over the two Red Sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir resulted more than 150 people being sentenced to between two and five years in prison. Read more