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Expression in Nigeria

Nigeria has a large and vibrant media; however, many challenges to the full exercise of the right to freedom of expression remain. Read more

Peaceful Assembly in Nigeria

Section 40 of the Nigerian Constitution recognises the right to conduct peaceful protest, but in practice the exercise of this right is often stifled by unlawful interference from security agents. Read more

Association in Nigeria

While freedom of association is guaranteed by Section 40 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended in 2010), no specific legislation governs the formation and registration of CSOs. Read more

Nigeria Overview

Nigeria has a vibrant civil society and media, however CSOs and journalists face persistent attacks from state and non-state actors particularly when dealing with sensitive issues including security, corruption, human rights, women’s rights and governance. Read more

Expression in Pakistan

The legal framework in Pakistan authorises the government to curb freedom of expression on topics including the constitution itself, the armed forces, the judiciary and religion. Read more

Peaceful assembly in Pakistan

Article 16 of the Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the freedom of assembly but authorisation from the police is required in advance of any assembly. Read more

Association in Pakistan

Domestic organisations can form and register in Pakistan with no major obstacles and the legal framework can be considered generally enabling for civil society. However, international organisations operate in a much more restrictive legal framework. Read more

Pakistan Overview

Human rights defenders work in a hostile environment, where they often face arbitrary arrests, killings, harassment and intimidation by state and non-state actors operating mainly in conflict areas. Read more

Expression in Paraguay

The constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of expression and the press are significantly compromised in practice as well as by law. Read more

Peaceful Assembly in Paraguay

Although it is constitutionally guaranteed, the right to peaceful assembly is limited by laws imposing restrictions on the time and location in which demonstrations can take place. Read more