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Suspicion of citizen action pervades the authorities’ approach to civil society in Armenia. Read more

Expression in Uganda

Uganda has one of the more vibrant media environments in the region; however, in practice the government restricts the exercise of the right to free expression, using intimidation and attacks against independent journalists and tactics that close spaces for a plural and diverse media. Read more

Peaceful Assembly in Uganda

Although a constitutionally protected right, the authorities have violently supressed peaceful demonstrations and police have routinely arrested protesters, especially in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election. Read more

Association in Uganda

In January 2016, the president signed the Non-Governmental Organisations Act into law. Read more

Uganda Overview

The freedoms of expression, assembly and association continue to be violated in Uganda. Read more

Expression in Cyprus

Although Cyprus’ ranking has fallen in the latest World Press Freedom Index, it remains a positive environment for a free media and for the open exchange of information and opinions. Read more

Peaceful Assembly in Cyprus

People in Cyprus organise protests on a range of issues – including many opposing fiscal austerity measures. Read more

Association in Cyprus

Free association is well respected in practice in Cyprus, although the right is better respected within the Greek Cypriot community. Read more

Cyprus Overview

Although longstanding political divisions remain in Cyprus, there is healthy respect in law and practice for fundamental freedoms. Read more

Expression in Djibouti

There is virtually no free media in Djibouti, and only one in ten people have access to external sources of news via the Internet. Read more