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Association in Chad

People’s right to associate freely is guaranteed in the 1996 constitution and in an ordinance from 1962. In practice, associations must obtain a registration statement from the Ministry of Interior and Public Safety.
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While civil liberties are formally guaranteed in Chad’s laws, in practice the authorities do not respect these rights and security forces regularly use disproportionate force against activists.

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Expression in Central African Republic

The conflict in CAR created conditions of extreme danger for domestic and foreign journalists alike. Some of those that risked their lives to cover the conflict on the front lines paid with their lives. Read more

Expression in Venezuela

The freedom of expression is constitutionally enshrined but subjected to both legal and de facto restrictions in a context of a war between the state and the privately owned media dating back to a failed 2002 coup. Read more

Peaceful Assembly in Central African Republic

While Article 8 of CAR’s new constitution guarantees the freedom of assembly, it is subject to conditions set down in law, and in recent practice this right has been strictly controlled by the Ministry of the Interior. Read more

Peaceful Assembly in Venezuela

The freedom of peaceful assembly is recognised in the Venezuelan Constitution and the law provides that 24 hours advance notice of demonstrations must be given to authorities. The Supreme Court in Venezuela has however interpreted the requirement to provide notice as meaning that organisers must secure authorisation before a gathering can take place. Read more

Association in Central African Republic

Faced with formidable obstacles and dangers, civil society organisations still play a vital role, as the Central African Republic attempts to emerge from civil war and rebuild the country. Read more

Association in Venezuela

Although the freedom of association is constitutionally protected in Venezuela, independent CSOs have grown increasingly worried about the myriad of laws, regulations and practices restricting civic space freedoms, which they have repeatedly denounced as unconstitutional. Read more

Central African Republic-Overview

Some political stability has been restored after a devastating civil war that cost thousands of lives almost completely destroyed space for peaceful civil society activities in the Central African Republic (CAR). Read more

Expression in Canada

Canada has strong freedom of expression protections. The media and journalists are able to convey a diverse range of views, normally without repercussions. Read more