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Impunity for police aggression against indigenous women human rights defenders

A court in Ecuador ruled against eight women human rights defenders, rejecting their allegations of police aggression during a peaceful protest. Read more

Union protest in Barbados against the Ministry of Education

A major protest occurred in Barbados in August by union members. No reported cases of violence by protesters or security forces. Read more

Dozens of free expression violations in Venezuela in mid-2016

Local organisation Instituto Prensa y Sociedad (IPYS) reported 39 cases where freedom of expression was restricted in Venezuela in the last two months. Read more

Core civic space freedoms under attack in Ethiopia

Demonstrations in the Oromia and Amhara regions were brutally dispersed. Thousands of demonstrators were arrested, 4 human rights defenders were detained while monitoring human rights violations, and the Internet was reportedly shut down for two days across much of the country during the protests. Several journalists were detained between June and August. Read more

Surveillance, Intimidation and Harassment of Critical Journalists Continues in Serbia

The onslaught against independent journalists and outspoken critics of the government continues in Serbia. Pro-government newspapers called for the arrest of alleged "foreign mercenaries" supposedly working to destabilise the country. Read more

Oman arrests journalists and shuts down Azamn newspaper

Omani authorities arrested three journalists and ordered the immediate closure of the Azamn newspaper Read more

Protests Continue Across Macedonia

Negotiations between political parties have been taking place meaning that the ferocity of protests has calmed somewhat since the last reporting period. Despite this, several recent protests have turned violent as protesters continued to clash with police leading to the threat of water cannons to quell demonstrations. Read more

Civil Society Fears Effects of NGO legislation and mandatory re-registration

The 2015 law on associations, in force since February 2016, has recently led to an increase in the number of registered organisations. However, CSOs fear that some provisions of the new legislation could result in undue restrictions being imposed on civil society activities, particularly as a government project for compulsory CSO re-registration is currently under consideration. Read more

Togolese CSOs reject NGO bill that would criminalise them

Togolese civil society organisations oppose the bill that the government has proposed to modify the 1901 law that currently regulates the freedom of association in the country. They argue that in its current form, the bill will criminalise the activity of organisations engaged on governance issues.
Additionally, a coalition of opposition parties has resorted to street mobilisation to call for the implementation of the 2006 reforms of the political agreement reached under the inter-Togolese Dialogue. Read more

People protest over economic crisis

Many demonstrations have occurred in Suriname because of the ongoing financial and economic crisis in the country. Read more

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