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Journalists and activists targeted as Yemen's conflict rages

In the context of the ongoing conflict and the human rights and humanitarian crisis in Yemen, civic space continues to be violated. Read more

New police protocol threatens right to protest

New rules for police operations during protests do not ban the use of live ammunition, while revised media laws undermine the independence of media regulation. Read more

Civil society demands release of detained journalist

Civil society is repeating calls for the release of RFI journalist Ahmed Abba, who has been in detention for one year. Read more

Human rights defender deported from Rwanda

In March, the head of a prominent regional human rights organisation Epimack Kwokwo was declared persona non grata and driven to the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Read more

Lack of transparency in development project sparked protests

Civil society organisations are protesting to demand transparency in the implementation of the ‘Cahill Waste Management’ project. Read more

Crackdown on Environmental Groups as Journalists go on Trial in Morocco

On 1st July a seminar on environmental and land rights in Marrakesh was banned by the Moroccan authorities. Meanwhile, seven journalists are on trial for “threatening the internal security of the state” because of training they provided on use of a new citizen journalism app. Read more

Protests in Jamaica demand justice for police killing

Protestors took to the streets in Jamaica to demand justice following the killing of a 19-year-old by police. Read more

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Suppression of civil society continues in Bahrain

A court ordered the dissolution of the opposition political society, Al-Wefaq as many human rights defenders and journalists were arrested and banned for travelling, especially those attending human rights events. Read more

Nearly 50 dead as Indian forces open fire on Protesters in Kashmir

In recent weeks, Kashmir has seen one of the worst uprisings since 2010. Clashes between the police and protesters in Jammu were sparked by the death of a prominent Kashmiri militant at the hands of Indian security forces. Read more

Russia's new anti-terror laws threaten free expression, privacy

New laws requiring mobile and internet providers to store users' information for up to three years threaten to undermine free expression and the right to privacy even further in Russia. Read more