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Journalists and human rights defenders continue to face risks in Syria

Freedom of expression continues to be seriously violated by all sides and journalists and human rights defenders need urgent protection Read more

Protests disrupted in West Papua

Protests in West Papua continued to be met with heavy handed police tactics. On the 28th May, two activists were arrested and detained by security forces for distributing leaflets about an upcoming separatist rally and encouraging others to participate. Read more

Community radio station director murdered in El Salvador

Demonstrations took place demanding the restoration of water services, but no cases of violence were reported. In an unrelated incident, a community radio journalist was killed by unidentified assailants. Read more

Killing of human rights defenders worsens in 2016

The situation for human rights defenders in Colombia seems to be deteriorating. In the first week of March, five social leaders were assassinated. Minga movement protests have been repressed in recent months and journalists are facing higher risks while reporting, especially in conflict areas. Read more

Black Lives Matter Activist convicted of 'felony lynching'

The criminalisation of protesters in the USA was highlighted by the conviction of Black Lives Matter activist, Jasmine Richards for “felony lynching”. Read more