Judge rejects expert report in trial of RFI journalist

A judge in Cameroon gave hope to detained journalist Ahmed Abba by rejecting an expert report introduced by the prosecution in the trial against him. Read more

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Judge rejects expert report in trial of RFI journalist

Civil society demands release of detained journalist

Civil society is repeating calls for the release of RFI journalist Ahmed Abba, who has been in detention for one year. Read more


In Cameroon, the authorities tightly control the media through the National Communications Commission (NCC), which regularly suspends media outlets and journalists when they broadcast information or opinions perceived as damaging to the state or its agents. In April 2015 alone, the NCC suspended a TV channel, a radio station and three privately-owned newspapers. Read more

Peaceful Assembly

Any person organising a peaceful public gathering in Cameroon must first get approval from the authorities. This gives the state the power to ban marches and demonstrations that it does not like, on the grounds that the assembly is likely to ‘disturb public order’. Read more


Civil society organisations in Cameroon must register with the Ministry of Territorial Administration, which has the power to suspend or dissolve associations which ‘threaten public order’, although there are no set criteria for making such a decision. CSOs defending the rights of LGBTI people, or promoting the fight against corruption are particular targets of these wide-ranging ministerial powers. Read more


Although civic freedoms are technically respected in law, people in Cameroon cannot criticise the authorities or offer alternative opinions to those of the government. While the constitution provides strong guarantees for basic freedoms, other laws, including the penal code, are used to undermine civic space. Read more