Latest Developments

Human Rights Activists receive lengthy jail terms

Human rights defenders and CSOs are routinely targeted by the Saudi authorities. Arrests, torture and denial of registration are commonplace in the country. Read more

LGBTI organisation finally registered in Botswana

LEGABIBO wins its four year legal battle for registration, as protestors are arrested and a journalist faces trial for sedition. Read more

LGBTI organisation finally registered in Botswana

Civil society movements continue to be targetted in DRC

Peaceful activism by social movements in DRC attracts artibrary arrests, detention and harrassment through the court system. Read more

Legal reforms on court reporting rejected by the President

Lithuania's Pride Parade proceeds without incident, as the President vetoes amendments to the Penal Code Read more

Activists face tougher regulation and state surveillance

A new decree restricts foreign funding for local CSOs, while protest and independent journalism are stifled. Read more

Constitutional Court ruling partially decriminalises defamation

The Constitutional Court struck down seven articles of the Law on Expression and Dissemination of Thought which criminalised defamation. Read more

Concern over calls to shut social media during elections

Comments by the head of the police in Ghana that social media could be shut down during November 2016 elections caused concern among civil society. Read more

Tens of Thousands Take to the Streets in Hong Kong

On the 18th of June, tens of thousands of protestors took the streets in Hong Kong in a pro-democracy rally sparked by the abduction and mistreatment of book seller Lam King-Wee in mainland China. Read more

Government strengthens cooperation with civil society organisations

Costa Rica is strengthening cooperation with CSOs, and largely respecting the right to peaceful assembly and expression.

Read more

Constant repression of protests in Honduras

The police repressed recent protests in Honduras with tears gas and water cannon while 12 journalists were killed in 2015. Read more