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Protests violently dispersed and student leaders expelled

As the results of public service entry tests were voided due to fraud and irregularities, successful candidates staged a protest and were violently dispersed by police. Student protests were also violently disrupted, and a number of students were expelled from the university. Read more

Journalists covering protests attacked by pro-Erdogan demonstrators

Journalists covering pro-Erdogan demonstrations came under attack from Dutch Turks. In a separate incident, a Dutch journalist was threatened by Erdogan supporters. Read more

Journalists from TV outlet Panorama face treason charges

Journalists from TV outlet Panorama TV are facing treason charges following an investigation into corruption in the military. Read more

Minister's statement undermines respect for peaceful assembly

Many protests have occurred in Trinidad and Tobago and no violent incidents took place. Read more

Journalists continue to work in a hostile environment in Guatemala

Civic space continues to be undermined in Guatemala as human rights defenders continue to face intimidation and harassment, and journalists operate in an increasingly hostile environment.

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Government attacks all core civic space freedoms

The President of Zimbabwe disbanded the leadership of the War Veterans Associations and interfered with the organization's internal processes in response to its critical stance towards his government. Several demonstrations faced police repression, and a newly introduced bill on computer and cyber crimes threatens free expression through the social media, while government pressures towards a price hike in cellphone data tariffs endangers citizens' access to the web. Read more

Kashmir death toll reaches 66 as protests continue in August

Large scale protests in Kashmir continued unabated in August: a state wide curfew has entered its 42nd day and death toll of civilian casualties has reached 66. Read more

Harassment and Intimidation of Human Rights Defenders in Palestine

Staff at the Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights have received a number of threatening phone calls and death threats. Read more

UAE government blocks access to online news site 'Middle East Eye'

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have continued to restrict freedom of expression and association by blocking access to news sites and arresting human rights defenders. Read more

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Rise in hate speech tests freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly

The anti-immigration sentiment that has grown along with the influx of refugees has led to an increase in hate speech and the emergence of far-right leaderships. On 21st August an anti-Muslim leader staged a fictional Islamic State invasion of Prague and was arrested for causing public panic but later released. Read more