Peaceful Assembly

Article 103 of Latvia’s constitution protects the right of people to take part in "previously announced peaceful meetings, street processions, and pickets", wording which would appear to preclude the possibility of lawful spontaneous assemblies. Although groups including CSOs and political parties can assemble freely, public demonstrations are rare in Latvia. Anti-austerity campaigns failed to gain ground in 2008-2010 due to limited public support. In a positive development, the EuroPride march was held successfully in 2015 and received adequate police protection, with no disturbances reported. Organisers of the Baltic Pride parade in 2018 also report positive relations with local authorities, however public opposition to the LGBTI event has been on the rise in recent months, particularly on social media. This stands in contrast to past events, when the Riga local authority tried to ban some assemblies including the LGBTI pride march, which could only proceed after it was granted permission to proceed by the courts.