Peaceful Assembly

People in Serbia are able to exercise the right to peaceful assembly and they do so frequently. According to police data, in the first half of 2015 alone there were 30,332 notified gatherings. The right to peacefully assembly is protected by the Serbian constitution. A new law governing this right was enacted in 2016 after the Constitutional Court declared the 1992 Law on Public Assembly unconstitutional. The new law provides for a notification process which must be completed prior to holding a demonstration. The legislation also imposes numerous restrictions regarding the location of the assembly and gives authorities a wide range of justifications for the banning of a demonstration. In practice, certain groups including the LGTBI community face more challenges when gathering in public. After years of being banned, the Pride March has been able to take place in the last 3 years, albeit with a heavy police presence. Few cases of excessive use of force by police were reported in recent years.