People in Turkey have witnessed a period of sustained instability throughout 2016. Strained relations with Kurdish rebels, terrorist attacks, the Syrian refugee crisis and tumultuous relations with global powers have all had an impact on the space civil society. A deteriorating situation for human rights following the 2015 election was exacerbated by a failed military coup in July 2016, which left 300 people dead. The crackdown in the wake of the coup has targeted anyone critical of the government, with a chilling impact on respect for civic freedoms. Independent news outlets have been closed en masse, protest rights have been repeatedly violated by security forces and intermittent bans on social media illustrate the rapidly deteriorating space for independent dissent in Turkey. More than 10,000 individuals have been arrested by authorities in 2016, including 2,700 judges; calling into question the impartiality of the judiciary and its ability to prevent politically motivated prosecutions.