Expression in Central African Republic

The conflict in CAR created conditions of extreme danger for domestic and foreign journalists alike. Some of those that risked their lives to cover the conflict on the front lines paid with their lives. Damage to infrastructure and looting of equipment during the recent conflict has made it very difficult for people in CAR to access news on the situation in the country via radio, on which most people rely for information. Mobile and Internet connectivity are also very low, with just 4% of people online by the end of 2014. The paucity of public information channels, combined with the interference of various warring factions in the media, has created very difficult conditions for free expression in CAR. The few journalists and news outlets able to operate have faced numerous threats and attacks. As the political transition moves forward in 2016, Article 13 of the new constitution has provided strong legal protections for citizens’ freedom to express opinions and share information, while much work remains to be done to secure this right in practice.