Association in Chad

People’s right to associate freely is guaranteed in the 1996 constitution and in an ordinance from 1962. In practice, associations must obtain a registration statement from the Ministry of Interior and Public Safety. The authorities can reject any application if they deem the association is likely to undermine public order. These rules are typically used to target the most vocal or critical CSOs. More recently, tight state control of the formal civil society sector has been used to target new citizen movements in Chad. These movements, like ‘Enough is Enough’ and ‘Iyina’, organised large-scale protests in opposition to the government in the lead up to elections in April 2016. Four leaders of social movements were arrested in late March as they sought to organise the latest round of mass protests against the president seeking a fifth term.For humanitarian CSOs operating in rural parts of the country, the risk of attack from violent non-state groups further damages the freedom of association in Chad.